Katumwa's Jazz left fans hankering for more

SAXOPHONIST Isaiah Katumwa's stardom is no longer doubtable, following his successful concert, Sensational Jazz,' which he staged at the Kampala Serena Hotel last Friday courtesy of MTN.

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In spite of the sh70,000 entry fee, Katumwa's fans turned up massively for the show.

To Katumwa, this was a manifestation of his fans' immense love. In response, he gave them quality jazz music. 
During the concert, Katumwa came off as an innovative artiste, with a passion to elevate jazz and to add the local flavour to it.

Backed by a 20-member ensemble, Katumwa reached out to his audience as he played African folk songs, modern African pop songs, western pop songs and popular Gospel choruses.

When playing secular dance songs, he grooved rhythmically. And as he played the Gospel choruses, he took up soulful postures.

He made his concert more interesting by involving his audience. He would explain to them the songs he thought they did not know. For the songs they knew, he asked for their participation.

The songs which excited his fans most included Amata, Kitaffe Ali Mu Ggulu, My own, Coming home, What you do, Bamuyita Yesu, Nina Omukwano, Namilele, Nsinza, Nsiima and the afro-beat Africa, which provoked everybody into dance.

The fusion of European instruments (like the guitars and keyboards) and African musical instruments like the tube-fiddle also thrilled Katumwa's fans while also depicting his creativity and artistry.

Ensemble members Michael Ouma (guitar), Ronnie Nsereko (key board) and Isaac Zzimbe (percussion) also shone during the show.

Addressing his fans, Katumwa said he wanted to promote excellence in local jazz music.


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