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Passionate about young people in his home country, Isaiah Katumwa does much more beyond his music and started up programs like


Isaiah Katumwa has been running the Talanta Music Mentorship Program for about 2 years where young people from different parts of the country live together while learning and practicing both singing and music instruments under his mentorship. He also voluntarily takes care of their School/ University and personal needs for the entire period under this program. The young mentees have been associated with a certain life style that has inspired people to dig more and get affiliated with the band beyond its music. Isaiah’s wish is to make the Talanta band a brand that audiences shall recognize for visual content and quality entertainment.


In this Isaiah has been visiting schools, universities and institutions to inspire and motivate students through his story as well as entertain them with his light performances. This has been running since 2011 and he has since then reached out to thousands of young people from 30 secondary schools and universities. On such occasions, in his own words, Isaiah has told of his experiences, struggles, dreams and personal path to success, and engaged in unique, lively and innovative dialogue with the young people. So far the results have been incredible as demonstrated by the avalanche of fan mail. 
The students continue to give amazing personal testimonies of how they have been encouraged by Isaiah’s story to strive for excellence in their studies and in their lives no matter the circumstances. What fascinates young people most about Isaiah’s story is not just that he is Uganda’s Jazz pioneer, but the fact that he was not born to privilege, or favored by sheer luck but he was beset by the same challenges that they face in their own lives, and his success lay not in accidents of birth or good fortune, but in how he met and overcame the extraordinary challenges he faced in his life.  Because lives well lived inspire our own.


ISAIAH KATUMWA RADIO SHOW On air from monday-friday (6-9pm) Isaiah’s show is a request show that gives jazz lovers an opportunity to call in or send messagesrequesting to play songs from their favorite jazz musicians. 106.1 Jazz FM is the only Jazz radio station in East Africa and it comes with more choice and flexibility since jazz lovers can move with inspiring jazz sounds everywhere they go.


JAZZ WITH ISAIAH – TV SHOW a weekly show that airs on Urban TV every Sunday (one of Uganda’s popular stations) started in 2011. He hosts both fresh and renown talents that share their music journeys and experiences. This show is mainly to discover, educate, inspire and celebrate talent. Being the very first and only jazz TV show in Uganda, it has played a primary role in uplifting jazz music in Uganda and East Africa at large.

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